Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gyaru-inspired outfit!


On Sunday I picked up my first Egg magazine because I loved the outfits so much.  While I'm not at all Gyaru, I thought it would be good inspiration for cute outfits when I don't feel so much like wearing my frills and bows.  :)

Yesterday I spent about two hours trying things together to come up with something that looked decent, and I found myself a killer outfit!

I decided to wear my h.NAOTO top because it really doesn't work with any of my lolita clothes, so I figured it would probably be a great center piece for my outfit.  It worked out great!

 I know my room *looks* messy, but it's not, I promise.  Those are the clothes I tried on before I got my perfect outfit.  Score, right?  :D

 Although Gyaru is rather new to me, I love studying the outfits.  I know that gyaru isn't gyaru without the makeup, and maybe I'll try it out one day?  Put it all together?  For now though, I'm content with my new sense of style~

See ya~!

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