Monday, October 31, 2011

30-Day Lolita Challenge: Day 1

Hello.  :)

I thought I'd grab up this 30-day lolita meme I found floating around.  The questions are so interesting, it asks things I've never thought about before, so I'm very excited to see what I discover about myself and lolita~.

I don't know that I'll be able to actually do a question every day, but I'll try and do every few days or so.  Onto the first question.

"10 Things About Your Lolita Bubble"

~1: My immersion into Lolita started in May of 2011, when I got to visit Japan for 16 glorious days.  This is also when I was able to buy my starter lolita wardrobe. I bought JSK's from Bodyline and Alice and the Pirates, and an OP from Putumayo, along with various purses, skirts and socks.

~2: My favorite brands are Alice and the Pirates, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Putumayo, Mary Magdalene, and Innocent World.  I know it's a lot of favorite brands, but I tend to enjoy a wide-range of styles.

~3: My favorite style is Classic.  I love classic OPs and JSKs so, so much.  I feel the most beautiful when I wear classic.

~4: My least favorite styles to wear are probably OTT Sweet and Gothic, although I do love the way these styles look, and drool over pictures of cords in these styles, I like wearing them the least.  :)

~5: I am involved in a group called Frilladelphia, and I love everyone who attends the meets!  We have so much fun, I have to credit them for pushing my love of lolita forward even more! (Plus, they taught me how to order through TaoBao.  SCORE.

~6: Shoes and Blouses are the things I have least of when it comes to my lolita wardrobe.  Unfortunately, I tend to have the urge to buy JSKs instead of blouses.  I have to get better at forcing myself to get blouses once in a while instead. :)

~7: I try to wear lolita as much as possible, even to and from work (although I can't wear it during work), but I still don't wear it as much as I'd like to.  I want that to change.  I'd love to have a wardrobe that would allow me to wear lolita every day.

~8: I love it when people on the street ask to take my photo.  I feel like I'm spreading the word and getting more exposure to the style.  I also try and give anyone who asks as much information as I possibly can about the fashion.  I love talking to others about the style.

~9: I'm secretly trying to get my best friend to wear lolita.  It hasn't happened yet, but dammit, I'm determined.  :D

~10: I dream of living in Japan and being able to just buy all the lolita clothes my heart desires (without the horrible sipping costs!)

~See ya~!

Welcome! :)


My name is Alisa, and I've decided to start blogging about my experiences in the Lolita fashion.  I have no real goal with this blog, mainly to jot down what I see/do/witness while immersing myself in the Lolita 'lifestyle'.

I hope you enjoy.  :)

First, some facts about myself and my life.  At 26 years of age, I'm on the older side of the lolita community.  While anime and manga have been a part of my life for many, many years, and subsequently, I've known about lolita for some years, I've only been active in wearing lolita for about five months.  So while I'm fairly new to indulging in the fashion, I have a different view on what I feel the fashion is than some do.

I'm part of a lolita meetup group called Frilladelphia, based in the Philadelphia area.  :)  I've attended meets and made some great friends.  I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon such an active group of girls (and boys!) who are so supportive in the lolita fashion.

I am not new to extreme fashions, but lolita is one that has truly made me feel beautiful and at home.  It's interesting, being able to recognize that 'home' feeling when it comes to clothing.  Lolita is exactly that for me.  I have been, for the past five months, building up my lolita wardrobe.  While it's not what I'd like it to be yet, I've managed to accumulate enough, for the moment, to get by.

I am a firm believer that the lolita fashion is wide and open enough for change, creativity, and full acceptance.  I do not believe that those who are new the fashion should be shunned or scared off.  It saddens me to see some of the anger/bullying that goes on in the fashion, and I am a strong advocate of acceptance rather than hate when it comes to introducing new people into the fashion.

Above all,  I like to have fun with the fashion.  I do enjoy the attention I get when I wear the fashion, I'm not going to lie, but on top of that, the feeling I have while wearing the fashion is really what drives my obsession.  :)

That's all for now.