Thursday, November 10, 2011

30-Day Lolita Challenge: Day 3

"Ten Things you Hate in Lolita"

I don't know that I can even come up with ten, so bare with me, here.

~1~: I hate the rules.  Not that I don't think they apply at all, but I would call them very generalized 'guidelines' instead of rules.  When you create and enforce 'rules' for everyone to strictly live by, you end up with a fashion that is stale and bland and blah.  Don't get me wrong, if you follow all the rules good for you.  If you look good doing it, even better for you.  I, however, like my fashion to breathe.  To be open and creative.  To be fun and interesting.

~2~: I hate bonnets.  I really do.  I don't like how they look and it's rare that I see someone pull it off well.  It's a lolita item I'd never buy, wear or own.

~3~: I hate lolitas who are mean.  This doesn't only apply to lolitas, I hate most people who are mean in general.  But in this case it especially applies because of the strong hate/anger towards 'itas', and I just don't get it.  People get so mad and angry at those who try and jump into the fashion and fail at it or look terrible or does something 'wrong', but it just doesn't make sense to me that they should be hated for it.  Maybe it's because of my job as a teacher, but I believe that instead of getting angry at someone or hating someone simply because they are 'doing it wrong' or 'look bad', we should embrace and give tips/help out those new to our fashion.  Why should we scare people away from the fashion?  Why can't we build a bigger, better community by helping out those who are new to/interested in the fashion?

~4~: In contrast to number 3, I hate new people who refuse help at all cost. These types of people tend to get very defensive very easily about what they are wearing/why they are wearing it.  I'm all for being the odd one out and trying new things with lolita, but if you are wearing what people brand 'ita', and they try to help you fix it, don't throw it in their face.  Accept the help and work towards looking/feeling better within the fashion. This type of extreme, defensive way to go about fashion is also boring and stagnant.

~5~: I'm already running out of things to talk about, so now I'm going to get real picky.  I hate meetups where the only source of food are sweets.  Especially if it's an all-day event.  I know, I know, sweets are pretty and for the most part, elegant, but although I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I do not want sweets for lunch or dinner. I want me a steak.  I want something filling.

~6~: Costs.  I think every lolita can agree with me on this one.  Everything is very, very expensive, even knock-offs.  It doesn't help me much that the American dollar has gone down the drain.  I don't like spending hundreds of dollars on a dress.  Over a hundred in general is way too expensive.  However, do I hold back?  Not really.  I can control what I buy, and there are a ton of dresses that I don't go near (even though I want them, more than anything in the woooorld), but I've been going a little out of control I admit.  I practically give myself a heart attack every time I see a print/OP/JSK I love up on comm sales or Closet Child.  Sometimes it's hard to breathe.

~7~: Sizing issues.  I'm not overweight, and I can fit most brand, but it still pisses me off when I see an item made in only one size.  I get that these brand dresses are super special and all, and that only a certain amount of each get made, but dammit, show some of the smaller/bigger loli's some love!  I feel that the customer base would grow considerably for these brands if they only gave us a few choices size-wise.

~8~:Negative comments.  Let's face it, no matter how awesome/beautiful/gorgeous we look in lolita, there's always going to be some fashion-narrow-minded jerk who thinks it's funny to point and say in the loudest voice possible "HEY LITTLE BO-PEEP, WHERE'S YOUR SHEEP?", like it's the fucking most original comparison to cross anyone's mind.  If I had a dollar for every person who called me bo-peep, I'd have about 20 bucks.  But 20 bucks is still 20 people, and over the course of my lolita-wearing-life, that's quite a few.  The worst type of negative comments, I feel, are from those you know personally.  When someone you care about says you look stupid, well, it hurts.  Luckily, the compliments far outweigh the insults.

~9~: The naaame.  Not that *I* care that the fashion is called Lolita, but you say the term to anyone in America and the reaction is mostly the same.  Shock, horror, and disgust.  No matter that lolita fashion is modest, not promiscuous.

~10~: The lack of knowledge about the fashion itself.  Some people like the fact that Lolita is such a small community, but I think that the fashion would benefit greatly from a wider fan-base.

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    On top of it, the inconsistency IN that one-size!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!

    The negative comments are usually pretty hilarious because I honestly don't see the insult in them. I find that people who are simple-minded and simply MUST voice their opinion often give way to them shouting random things when we walk through the city/wherever we are. "HARAJUKUUUUUUUUUU!" "LADY GAGAAAAAAAAAAAA"

    WHUT? What is the point of yelling these things at us??? What do they want to happen?!?!?!?!?!